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Leah Dawson, Lunar, Onde Nostre

Lunar, Onde Nostre

Seea ambassador Leah Dawson stars in LUNAR: a short film about shaping, surfing and creating in the Canary Islands.
Milano, IT (April 11, 2016)– Innovative women’s surfwear brand Seea teamed up with Onde Nostre for LUNAR, a short film featuring Seea ambassador,

. In LUNAR, Dawson expresses her art — surfing, shaping and music — in the unique landscape of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.
Located off the coast of Morocco, the treeless horizon and windswell waves of Fuerteventura were a stark contrast to Dawson’s tropical home of Oahu, Hawaii. In this picturesque backdrop, director Luca Merli documented Dawson’s awe at experiencing the foreign land: feeling the dry soil under her bare feet, navigating new waves with expert grace, and shaping her second surfboard, “Smoothie 2.”
“In Fuerteventura, reality is unlike anywhere I’ve been before,” Dawson says. “It feels like the moon. The first day I arrived in the Canaries, I walked barefoot atop the worn lava grounds… Though sharp, walking dried lava requires awareness of every single step, making us stay present. I continued to walk barefoot as we explored the island because I felt energized from the ground.”
The eight-minute film premiered at the Barcelona Surf City Festival on April 9-10 and will be screened at several surf film festivals around the world throughout the summer.
“We have opportunities to connect on a spiritual level with locals involved in surfing, because eventually wherever you go, there’s going to be someone in love with the ocean, just like you,” Dawson says. “Surfing shrinks the degrees of separation within its community, therefore connecting us further to this wide web of surfers around the globe… Further, traveling to places so different
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from whence we came, gives us a fresh reality, an enhanced recognition of the vast variety our planet provides us… It was an incredible experience to connect with the local surf culture through this way, as well as participate in creating another lasting art piece to be enjoyed in-motion.”
. For more information about the film or to request interviews with Seea, Leah Dawson, or Onde Nostre, please contact
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LUNAR from BLOCK10 on Vimeo.

Leah Dawson , Lunar, Onde Nostre

Leah Dawson , Lunar, Onde Nostre

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