RVCA Boardroom | Alex Knost



Alex Knost walks us through the inspiration behind his contributions to the RVCA Boardroom. Check out the 3 boards shaped by Alex in the latest addition to our boardroom on RVCA.com.

RVCA Boardroom: rvca.com/shop/surfboards

Video footage by Tin Ojeda, out takes from the upcoming film “free jazz vein”
additional footage courtesy of Thomas Campbell, Rick Jorgenson, and Jamie Budge. Music by Glitterbust.

Alex Knost x RVCA ‘A Fall Into Somewhere’ Short Film

Alex Knost x RVCA ‘A Fall Into Somewhere’ Short Film from freshngood.com on Vimeo.

“A Fall Into SOmewhere” is a 31min film shot for Alex’s new signature line for RVCA by Jack Coleman. The film takes place over a 9 day road trip to San Francisco and stars Alex Knost, Ford Archbold, Christina Kee, and Tanner Prairie. All music by Alex Knost.
more: freshngood.com/2012/08/alex-knost-x-rvca-a-fall-into-somewhere-short-film
collection: rvca.com/looks-signature-collection.html


Desillusion magazine, supported by RVCA and RAEN are proud to present their latest video “This is Alex”, a video portrait that pays tribute to the Californian longboarder/musician Alex Knost.
Hailing from Costa Mesa, California, Alex Knost certainly stands out of the crowd; a worthy heir to a surf culture that’s made up of pioneers, and numerous creative artists. After having followed in the footsteps of his spiritual big brother, Joel Tudor, Alex became in turn one of the best longboarders in the world, paddling his way to the front of the scene, in a counter culture that we thought was drowning under the waves of an extremely lucrative economy- surf industry. Almost uncatchable, the man flits like a butterfly from one art to the next (from photography to video, board shapes to music) trying to, like he says “lose himself in anything he does, hoping to exceed the limits that society has set him”.
A slightly tormented soul, maybe a bit too realistic for this world, although the two obviously go hand in hand, “This is Alex “is a total immersion in his everyday life, a celebration of raw counter culture: To give, understand, learn and influence, without waiting for anything in return, if not to perpetuate a style and a philosophy of life.
After the great success of “This is Trouble”, a short movie portraying the life of snowboarder and musician Trevor “Trouble” Andrew that was launched last February (vimeo.com/desillusion/thisistrouble), the second, a tribute to Andrew Reynolds “ This is Andrew” ( vimeo.com/desillusion/thisisandrew ) , and the third “This is Ozzie”, a dedication to one of the most influential inspirations of the board culture scene, Ozzie Wright (vimeo.com/desillusion/thisisozzie ), Desillusion is proud to present the fourth opus of the ” THIS IS” saga , with Alex Knost as guest host, a strong personality who’s always inspired Desillusion’s world and who has chosen to make his life an ode to art under any form or shape.
The video comes with the latest issue of Desillusion magazine featuring Alex Knost as their exclusive guest editor, available on dslmag.com/v5/shop.php