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Groove Move Trailer

Groove Move Trailer – DVD Available on 4/21/14 from Grandview on Vimeo.

DVD Available on 4/21/14

Jack Coleman’s Nameless Direction Underground premieres his fourth fully independent feature length surf film. Groove Move celebrates the pure heart and soul of surfing, with the worlds top experimental board riders. Shot on location in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, and California. It features surfings underground, as well as some of it’s most recognized faces. Shot entirely on SUPER 8 film digitally transferred to HD with the newest technology for a truly nostalgic cinematic adventure. running time: 35min.
Locations: Austrailia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, & California
Cast: Ari Browne, Justin Adams, Rangi Ormond, Derek Hynd, David Rastovich, Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, Robin Kegel, Rob Machado, Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Jared Mell, Creed Mctaggart, Gavin Beschen, Harry Henderson, Julian Abbott, and Ford Archbold
Time: 34 minutes

Gato Bask journal I.

Gato Bask journal I. from gatoHeroi on Vimeo.

Some daily waves by the cats around Bask country, Gato Heroi boards are:
Robin Kegel: Killer triple stringers
Clovis Donizetti: Spacepig 8’4
Robin Falxa: Playboy 9’4 / Spacepig 8’4
Guilhem Dupouy: Spacepig 8’4
Pandora Decoster: Fleur de Crème
Yrwan Garcia Léal: Playboy 9’4/ Spacepig 8’4
Filming Pero Hayashi
Editing Yrwan Garcia Léal

Summer of the Cat series: Bonus / daggers at blackies

Summer of the Cat series: Bonus / daggers at blackies from gatoHeroi on Vimeo.

Gato Heroi and Retro Moderne Love blog present you on the web the Summer of the cat series.
Discover every weeks on a bonus from the movie, and the full movie at the end of August.
For this third episode discover Robin Kegel, Alex Knost and Cody Simpkins enjoying some daggers board at Blackies.