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Compass_ing from Cliff Endsley on Vimeo.

The summer of 2013 I spent most of my days working on this film. The van in the film was both my home, office and transport. It was just Cyrus Sutton and myself who traveled over 3,000 miles to document our adventure. We had 17 cameras including a Red Scarlet, Various DSLRs and a dozen go pros. Keeping all those cameras in addition to computer gear organized and charged in a van full of surf gear and our “housing” accommodations was no easy task but we pulled it off. Hope you enjoy!
A short film in search of freedom.
Written and Directed by
Cyrus Sutton
A KORDUROY Production
Jeff Moore, PJ Connell and Dan Llano
Bob Bavnani
Music by
The Blank Tapes
Assistant Director
Cliff Endsley
Chris Olivas
Cinematography by
Cliff Endsley
Cyrus Sutton
Todd Glaser
James Campbell
Eric Derman
Kepa Acero
Art Direction
Mark Tesi
Jill Black
Sound Designer
Hugh Sandys
Rob Machado
Cyrus Sutton
Kepa Acero
Glen Horn
Photographic Support
Todd Glaser
Shot on Red and GoPro
Supported by
Goal Zero
Surfer Magazine
Red Cinema
Solraiz Organics
A Just Passing Through Film
Copyright Reef 2013

Groove Move Trailer

Groove Move Trailer – DVD Available on 4/21/14 from Grandview on Vimeo.

DVD Available on 4/21/14

Jack Coleman’s Nameless Direction Underground premieres his fourth fully independent feature length surf film. Groove Move celebrates the pure heart and soul of surfing, with the worlds top experimental board riders. Shot on location in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico, and California. It features surfings underground, as well as some of it’s most recognized faces. Shot entirely on SUPER 8 film digitally transferred to HD with the newest technology for a truly nostalgic cinematic adventure. running time: 35min.
Locations: Austrailia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, & California
Cast: Ari Browne, Justin Adams, Rangi Ormond, Derek Hynd, David Rastovich, Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, Robin Kegel, Rob Machado, Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Jared Mell, Creed Mctaggart, Gavin Beschen, Harry Henderson, Julian Abbott, and Ford Archbold
Time: 34 minutes

Mandarin Brown | A film by Jack Coleman

Mandarin Brown from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Mollusk Movies presents
Mandarin Brown
A film by Jack Coleman
Filmmaker and man of the road, Jack Coleman travels with a cast of many to Mexico, Indonesia, and California.
Starring Alex Knost, Ellis Ericson, Jared Mell, Ford Archibold, Ryan Burch, Rob Machado
Music by Tame Impala, Bola Sete, Allah-Las
Free Download from Vimeo or at

The Drifter Rob Machado, anteprima

Rob machado è sicuramente uno dei piu stilosi nel panorama surfistico di adesso ma anche di qualche anno fà.

Nato a Sydney nel 73 vive e surfa a Cardif-by-the-sea San Diego.

Hurley uno dei suoi maggiori sponsor, in collaborazione con la Warner bros ha prodotto un film autobiografico su un viaggio, un esperienza profonda che vede come protagonista Rob.

The Drifter comincia a Bali dove Machado, navigando per l’indonesia solo con una tavola da surf il suo giornale ed una tenda, è alla ricerca del significato prefondo della vita.

Gran parte dei dialoghi sono tratti dalle sue personali riviste.
Diretto da taylor Steel, Poor Specimen.

Coming soon…