A Big Backyard

A Big Backyard from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

I’ve lived in my van for the past 10 years. It’s helped me avoid rent payments, landlords and security deposits while I’ve traveled for film projects and surf trips. Recently I bought a large Mercedes Sprinter van and have been traveling in it a lot. This past spring was unseasonably cold in California and the waves weren’t very good so my girlfriend Anna and I drove east into the deserts of the Southwestern USA.
I’ve always traveled a lot to foreign countries but never explored much into this part of America. We found some really special places that’s inspired us to keep searching. It’s pretty cool to think that you can explore your whole life and never see every nook and cranny. AAll the locations are within a day’s drive of our hometowns in Southern California.
You can see more of my travels on Instagram- @cyrus_sutton (instagram.com/cyrus_sutton)
Featuring Anna Ehrgott- @annaehrgott (instagram.com/annaehrgott)
Music by The Shakey Graves (shakeygraves.com)
Song “Built to Roam”
Title Art by Ciro Bicudo- (cirobicudo.com)
Supported by Reef (reef.com) and Leatherman (leatherman.com)

Freedom To Foam Opening

The opening sequence of Cyrus’ 2011 film “Freedom to Foam,” features some of California’s best loggers who shred and shape. Set to a mellow/modern soundtrack, this surf flick has never been released outside of Japan and is available along with a limited edition Korduroy T-Shirt and Sticker Pack for contributions over $50 to our Kickstarter campaign to fund our next year’s shows.

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Tyler Warren
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Tanner Prairie
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Mikey DeTemple
Dave Allee

Tyler Warren- All Yew | Korduroy.tv

Liked this vid of Tyler Warren from the Korduroy BLOG

Tyler Warren- All Yew from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

A 3rd generation artist, Tyler Warren approaches everything with patience and focus. In this All Yew episode by Korduroy TV, Tyler shapes a 4’10” Simmons inspired planing hull from a stringerless blank. The result is what he’s dubbed the “Bar of Soap” due to its slippery maneuverability and silky smooth carves. Watch Tyler put it through its paces on the high performance walls of Lower Trestles.

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Also Keep Your Eyes Peeled for
“The Tyler Warren Experiments”
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Music by A Slight Breeze and Boaz Roberts

Camera/Edit by Cyrus Sutton, Jack Chellemi and Erik Derman

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