Justin Quintal

Bootleg Trailer | Trailer for the new Kookbox film

Bootleg Trailer from George Trimm on Vimeo.

Film by George Trimm


Harrison Roach
Joel Tudor
Yuta Sezutsu
& John Haffy

With Cameos by:

Richard Kenvin
Joe Roper
Ryan Burch
Justin Quintal
Justin Adams
Brittany Leonard
Alex Knost
Jared Mell
Kameron Brown
Tommy Witt
Tyler Warren

Illustration by Danica Elbertse

Additional FIlming by:

Peter King
Chris Bystrom
Mike Adno
Jordan Blumetti
James Tolerico
Adelya Khurmatullina
Scott Gerrent
Reagan Ritche
Thomas Robinson

Post-Production Assistant
Jason Scallo


A matter of Style | by Jan Latussek

Salinas 2011. Ten years of Longboard Festival, and this Year, Tudor brings his Duct Tape Crew to surf here. Suddenly everything seems to align in one of the best weekends we´ve had in these ten years of running. Perfect Waves, Perfect Weather and a Perfect Feel of family, friends, fun and Longboarding…

It was a real pleasure to see some of the best stylists in the water. Justin Quintal, James Parry, Oliver Parker, featured in this cut, and the rest of the crew coming soon.

Longboarding is about style… and here´s some.


Salinas 2011. El surf es llevado a otro nivel por los invitados especiales. Pero no sólo son ellos los que demuestran que el estilo se ha hecho con las olas…
Cross stepping, turning, hanging ya sean diez o cinco. La concentración, el enfoque y el estilo son la clave.

Material grabado en varios baños libres en el festival de Salinas de 2011

Music: Natural Born Lover _ Lou Ann Barton