We just finished a 26 minute DVD for ON THE BOARD magazine in Japan.
Here is a peak at the introduction of the short film, we’ve dubbed “Whitecaps” … inspired by the texture of the ocean nearly every afternoon; in this beautiful town we live in.
Enjoy the intro to “Whitecaps” more footage to ensue… or check out the May issue of ON THE BOARD.
Film: C. Oden // J. Belli
Edit: Oden
Music: Deep Sea Arcade: “Girls”

American Craftsmen – Del Mar


The Del Mar film features Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards and Designs. Building a pitch-perfect blend of modern California surfing style and historic American craft, the film follows Dave through the rigorous process of handshaping and finishing one of Almonds signature longboards. Almond emphasis on handshaping rather than mass production parallels LASCO’s commitment to the power of small but mighty American manufacturers.