POV Shorts II: Derek Hynd, Part One

Derek Hynd and Andrew Kidman seem to have an understanding. Exemplified in this Surfer’s Journal original, Bottling the Moment, which Kidman penned, the pair of minds track parallel.

Here, in this first of a two-part Andrew Kidman directed short, Derek walks Kidman/us through the deconstruction and rebirth of a finless surfboard, while Andrew’s youngsters augment the experience with emotive notes on an electric organ.

As the organ preaches to the beast and foul in the bush beyond the house, Hynd rips apart a perfectly good Lis-ish fish, and rebuilds it for finless sliding. Channeling his oldest friend, Dale Egan, one of Derek’s inspirations for leaving the keels on the beach, Hynd creates something very new out of something old.

As Kidman noted in an email correspondence that Hynd is completely committed to finless surfing. Hasn’t ridden a board with a fin in years. It’s an experience which has led Derek to wonder, in a Morey-esque mind expanding inquiry, “where would surfing have gone without the linearity of the fin?”

In part two, we see Derek take apart the local beach break, and we get a glimpse.

POV Shorts II is a 10-part video series, from surf filmmakers Chris Malloy, Tyler Manson, Joe G, Andrew Kidman and Cyrus Sutton. Each filmmaker has taken on one subject within a general framework, but subject to their interpretation. The shorts will be released over the course of the summer, 2011. Have a look around our video channel for the others, or check back soon as more are released.
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